26 December 2007

iWish For uMerry Christmases

I wish you a Merry Christmas
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Every afternoon Bradley's four U.S. Kids come in from the cold to enjoy Manhattan Toddies near the fireplace. They leave their ice skates and wet mittens in the larder because they are so famished and anxious to tell Giulia and Ximiei about how fast they could skate around the world in just eighty-five and .5 minutes.

Stefano always chuckles when trying to hide his grinning face. This year our seven children decided their father needed some new clothes to lounge around the house. Now he's had aReal Second Life with us at home zncall seven children in our family| We are healthy and energetic ever since eldest son was chosen to join the USAF Academy for his career path.

The guys are in the kitchen prepping for the Korean Popcorn eating more than we can afford. The brown corn kernels are delicately baked squisito squisito with MASSERIE diSANT'ERAMO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL a superior "cold extracted" extra virgin olive oil produced mainly from choice Ogliarola olives that are pressed just once within hours of being picked without resorting to heat to increase the yield artificially.

During their stage event with Nall Femal Rock Band from school, Stefano will blend in well as the Head Chaperone with his fashionable hip hugging canvass trousers and a fleece down jacket. He throught YSL eyewear would contrast to his Benetton testa alla punta street scene funk fashion.

Non! NON! NON! His father Antonioi spoke iRatedly. Nonno Antonioi is a wonderful Party Boy even at his age. He became a window this year and mopes about the PC Panel room. It keeps him out of harm's way especially from the knives in the kitchen. "A Lady's Work Is Never In Alex.us" he mutters to himself. ね! い子! い子! however sometimes he missbehaves.

Toute de plus en plus la plus courrie électronique arrives with more of Monique's friends inviting themselves over as BandanNex members. My Godess! My husband has become an idol! My best friend Sylvia and I will have a hard time chaperoning our I-GUY during the Merry Christmas MistleToe Kisses.

iWish For uMerry Christmases EFor You Stefano aTrezor Forever। Boys! oh BOYS! remember to let Peirre have some Chinese laver and NUOC HANH NHAN ALMOND JUICE TOO! Just think when you finish the dishes you'll finally have really cleaned your hands. Don't Ask! What would we do without uGUYS?

Tonight it's ladies night out so you're allowed to stay up late. Aunt Luciana and Uncle Danny will pick us up at the John Hancock Center. You have our mobile emergency number. That's right! You'll never ever get our permission to use public phones nor add your friends to our family private line.

Buster Brown! Yes I mean Y-O-U smoking in the bathroom again? Well then talk to him - your father the cool one all the women in the neighborhood do tricks for. Yes! Lest Nonna be here she would shoot those girls for target practice.

Remember to put the MASSERIE diSANT'ERAMO in a cool dry place away from the heat sources. Manfred you are in charge of recycling with Stefi this week. Sorry about the laundry Irene. Kika would give you a hand if... not ask Giorgio. Infine la Casata Santulli è nell'ordine.

iWish For uMerry Christmases
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