25 February 2010

Why Olive Oil is Popular

The Mediterranean Diet has attracted attention with olive oil as the key ingredient. The popularity of olive oil has been helped by its association with Mediterranean cooking and the health claims for cutting the risk of a heart attack linked with this way of life,

Many people now have olive in their kitchen. It might be bad quality, but they have it. They are aware of the health benefits. When most people go abroad they taste olive oil in Mediterranean countries and enjoy it.

Olive oil is versatile for cooking and it can be delicious. It is a good choice for sauteing and it has flavor which means it adds taste to salad dressings or can be drizzled on a bowl of soup or a platter of fresh mozzarella, or used to finish cooked and raw vegetables.

We found these topics particularly interesting how popular olive oil has become in The United States:

Lexington Farmer's Market
Giuseppe Taibi is a fourth generation organic olive oil producer from Sicily. Ten years ago he left Italy for Boston, Massachusetts in search of more.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Proclaims February as California Olive Oil Month
With the proclamation of California Olive Oil Month this February, Governor Schwarzenegger urges everyone to make California olive oil a staple in their kitchens and cuisines.

Olive Oil granola with Dried Apricots
Sometimes in continued exposure, you find a marvelous beauty; that discovery in something familiar leads to greater love. Like with granola.

Olive Oil Cupcakes?
Delicious! Cupcakes with olive oil are tasty and good for your heart!

Olive Oil and Lemon Cake
I know that some of you might think that olive oil and cake does not go together. But they actually do. I have taken this recipe from Josee Distasio's book Pasta Et Cetera.

Finally, Mark Bittman and Ezra Klein, a Washington Post columnist specializing in economics with a special interest in food policy,  discuss an epidemic of lack of self-control in America. Make a difference in your own health while losing weight by changing the proportions of what you eat. You will find their observations compelling.

Why Olive Oil is Popular
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