27 March 2008

Your Heart Needs the Mediterranean Diet

Unless you take control of your body and practice disease prevention you might not reach old age. Or if you do you might not enjoy the best possible health. Dietitian Emilia Klapp has a message for people interested in the Mediterranean Diet.

In her book you'll discover that Mediterraneans have almost half as many deaths from heart disease as Americans because they are the result of prevention. The book answers question about how to prevent or reverse high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure. Everyone can benefit by following the lifestyle of the Mediterranean world.

Your Heart Needs the Mediterranean Diet: "Written in an easy-to-follow dialogue format between a fictional heart-risk patient and a registered dietician, Your Heart Needs the Mediterranean Diet covers the benefits of physical activity, the sinister connection between high blood pressure and processed foods, why fruits and vegetables are the heart's best friends, the value of tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic, and much more. Sample recipes dot this invaluable, reader-friendly guide to improving one's culinary habits, health, and overall quality of life."

Mediterraneans are known for being some of the healthiest people on earth because they enjoy a healthy lifestyle. So what is the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet is more than consuming meals that contribute to health benefits.

Mediterraneans look at meals as the time with family and friends to enjoy. This book will help you learn the health promoting habits of the Mediterranean culture. You'll find the secret to good health is how you nourish your body as well as obtaining adequate physical activity. By following a Mediterranean lifestyle you will learn how to enhance your life to become happier and healthier.

Your Heart Needs the Mediterranean Diet
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