30 June 2011

La Acequia - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Acequia S.A. is a small company located in San Juan, Argentina. The farm has 40 hectares of olive trees. This is one of the best areas in Argentina for the cultivation of olive trees because of the soil and climate. 

La Acequia Olive oil is an authentic olive fruit juice obtained mechanically by grinding and pressing the olives. It is marketed at the same time as when it is crushed so it is an extra virgin olive oil that is zestful.

La Acequia is obtained from Arbequina variety of olive so it gives a balanced and subtle flavor of three desired attributes:  bitter, fruity and spicy. 

This makes an extra virgin olive oil that can be used in a wide range of dishes because it competes with the flavors but can be felt in aroma and flavor. It is perfect to finish hot dishes before you bring them to the table while the aromas are released by heat.

La Acequia Arbequina varietal presents a thick opaque and unique extra virgin olive oil because it is the only extra virgin olive oil unfiltered on the market. Light is one of the main enemies of olive oil, so like all good extra virgin olive oil of high quality La Acequia comes in a  dark bottle for the conservation and protection of the olive oil. 

Like all the extra virgin oil it is free of defects and the main attribute is an aroma of freshly cut grass, ideal to accompany perfect green leafy salads and Parmesan cheese. In addition,  it is also a good partner for grilled fish and red meat. La Acequia is an extra virgin olive oil made with passion for olive oil lovers.

La Acequia - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

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